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Spuds and Suds at TUPPS Brewery in McKinney, Texas

Spuds and Suds at TUPPS Brewery in McKinney, Texas

Thursday, November 15, 2018
Showtime 6:00 PM
TUPPS Brewery
721 Anderson
McKinney, Texas 75069
About this Event:

Spuds and Suds at Tupps Brewery in McKinney, TX

Join us on Friday, November 15th from 6:00 to 9:00 for SPUDS AND SUDS! 
Spuds & Suds is a fundraising event pairing beers & a Hand Grenade Potato! What’s a “Hand Grenade Potato” you ask? It's Chef Patrick Stark's new concept, a special brined potato stuffed with an array of ingredients! 

To execute bombing your hunger, we have taken the “Hand Grenade Potato” and “riffed” on an old military staple, “The MRE”. Each hand grenade is paired with 4 different sauces that compliment 4 different TUPPS beers. 

Our showcased “Ranking Military Official” is “The General”- Rib Billies Pulled Pork, TX Brisket, Applewood Chicken Sausage, & Ribs.

We are "deploying" the "General" to 4 locations, which corresponds to each sauces flavor profile:

  • America,"Texas Style" - Cheese & BBQ Sauce, Onion, Pickle
  • England - Roasted Garlic & Honey Thyme Gravy, Peas, Carrots
  • Central America- Loaded Queso, Chili Lime Dusted Lime
  • Japan - Teriyaki w/ Yum Yum Sauce Floater, Sesame Seeds, Green Onion

All SGT Spud MRE’s come with MRE instructions of how to assemble & Bazooka Gum or Candy. 

The spud and beer pairing is $20 per pairing. 

With great friends, great beers, and a wild chef, you know it's going to be a fun night!
The SGT SPUD charity was created to focus on the power of clean food. The organization operates on a "learn to earn" concept for U.S. Veterans which provides opportunities to learn about healthy eating as well as a platform for veterans to earn wages. SGT SPUD benefits the P.T.S.D. Program (or POTATO TODAY SENDS DONATION) that goes back to the charity in hopes of helping more vets grown clean food for our community. 
Price: $20.00
Tickets no longer available.