Grand Opening Gala #2 - Downtown Cowtown at the ISIS
Friday, January 8, 2021
Doors: 6:00 PM
Downtown Cowtown
2401 North Main St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76164
Venue Map

Grand Opening Gala #2 - Downtown Cowtown at the ISIS
Katie Kadan Concert

January 8th, 2021 starting at 6:00 PM

  • Featuring Deborah Ferguson, from Channel 5 as Emcee
  • Festivities start at 6:00 with Performance starting at 7:30

Along with Katie’s live performance, the night includes valet parking, red carpet entry, pre-concert open bar, hors d'oeuvres, tours of the venue, and a brief film re-introducing the space.


Tickets no longer available.
Katie Kadan
Katie Kadan is a Chicago-based blues & soul singer/songwriter whose meteoric rise to “one-name” status was recently launched by making it to the top 4 finale and global crowd-favorite on NBC’s The Voice. Music industry luminary and coveted EGOT winner, John Legend exclaimed, “We don't deserve you, Katie…You deserve awards. You deserve more than The Voice. You deserve Grammys. Everything she sings, she makes it sound like it’s her song. She makes it sound magnificent. She’s a superstar. We’re fortunate that she’s even on our show. We don’t deserve you, Katie!” Born, raised and living in Chicago, Kadan’s epic vocal prowess is a force of nature. Her blues-infused style of soul-bearing belting is Katie’s moniker on her original and familiar songs alike, with a constant presence of her roots in the church choirs. Kadan’s passion for song is equally matched by the power, range, control and musicality in her voice, where she can easily flip from R&B to gut-wrenching rock to songs of longing angst with her signature playful growl. Kadan’s deep talent provides a musical vocabulary of emotions through song. Along with sharing her powerful voice with the world, Katie has also been an advocate for confidence and body positivity. She’s opened up about her years of insecurities, as well as how she overcame them to become a confident performer. This has helped Katie connect to her legions of fans on a deeper level, and she admitted that she’s been flooded with messages on Twitter and Instagram by those who have been inspired by her story. “I feel I have done my job if people who have been inspired by my story start to talk about it more and do something about it,” Katie explained. “It can be scary to be vulnerable and to put yourself out there and talk about your insecurities and to work through that whole process and to have people reach out and say they feel more brave because they watch my story. It makes them want to stick it out and makes them want to change things up. If it makes people want to say they like themselves more, that’s awesome. If I can make people feel better…that’s wonderful.” While on The Voice, country-music icon Blake Shelton admitted after the Katie received a standing ovation from Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Shelton, “I was like, this can’t be real. This can’t be really happening on this show right now. She can’t be that good. This is a set-up deal. There’s no way somebody is this good who hasn’t already made it in the music industry.” In the late spring of 2019, Katie released her first self-titled album and is available for download and streaming everywhere.