William Beckmann hosted by Eric Raines of Koke Fm
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Doors: 6:00 PM
Schoepf's BBQ
702 E Central Ave
Belton, Texas 76513
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Schoepf’s Backroom Sessions featuring William Beckmann hosted by Eric Raines of Koke Fm will be recorded live in Belton, TX

Backroom indoor listening show.

Wednesday March 22nd - Doors at 6:00pm

  • $20 - General Admission

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    Born and raised in the small border town of Del Rio, TX, William Beckmann spenthis formative years with a radio dial dominated by the sounds of northern Mexico.Though he’d eventually gravitate more towards classic country and Americanroots, Beckmann’s early immersion in mariachi and Norteño music left anindelible mark, one that would help shape his distinctive style and guide him onhis path to becoming one of the most promising young voices in country musictoday.

    “My family has Mexican heritage on both sides,” Beckmann explains, “sospeaking Spanish around the house was a regular occurrence. When I startedlearning how to play guitar, I was just naturally singing in Spanish as much as Iwas in English.

    ”While Beckmann still slips a bilingual moment or two into his live shows, thesedays he primarily delivers his evocative, literate tunes in the plainspoken Englishof Townes Van Zandt or fellow Del Rio native Radney Foster, who’s helpedmentor him since high school. Writing with an old soul maturity that belies hisyouth, Beckmann crafts rich, detailed character studies fueled by loss andlonging, intimate portraits of lonely lovers, big dreamers, and hard drinkers. Takea listen to a track like “Bourbon Whiskey,” which Beckmann wrote at just 19, andit’s easy to see how he’s already managed to land a publishing deal with WarnerChappell alongside tour dates with the likes of Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen.