An Americana duo based out of Tahlequah, OK, Sam and Autumn both grew up in small towns in Eastern Oklahoma, where they met through choir in school. They began traveling and playing music together shortly after. The band "Ragland!" was formed in 2015 when they decided to combine both of their solo projects into one, later receiving a #1 on the Music City Top 40 Chart with their single "Stay Awake", from their first album "Just So You Know". They are now a touring/working project that creates Red Dirt/Americana music. Ragland's style comes from a background of Rock & Roll, and Country music. Their music is inspired by the events of everyday life and how they perceive them. They enjoy making music that is both relatable and interesting to listen to. Ragland has worked with David Percefull and Adam Odor out of Yellow DOG Studios out of Wimberely, TX on their previous and current projects. Ragland! is currently working on their new album "Murphy's Law", while promoting the first, already released 5 songs, that includes the first single "Love, Liquor, & a Place to Die". The new album will consist of a new and "close to home" sound for Ragland, that shows their true personality and soul. All new songs on the album are a direct influence from personal experiences and were created to specifically reflect the emotions related to them. "Love, Liquor, & a Place to Die" Lyric Video "Thinking About Me" Music Video Music video for Ragland's song Thinking About Me-from their album "Just So You Know".