The Damn Quails
The Damn Quails

Buck's Bar and Grill
27849 W Center Rd
Venice, Nebraska 68069

Fri, January 12, 2024 9:00 PM

The Damn Quails started as a weekly jam session between two Oklahoma songwriters. Gabe Marshall and Bryon White met for a weekly gig that soon attracted all kinds of characters playing various instruments.  These sessions quickly attracted a crowd, a semi-stable line-up was formed, and The Damn Quails were born.  The band released their first record in 2011 entitled “Down The Hatch”.  Since then, the band has firmly established itself as a touring entity hell bent on spreading their brand of music as far as possible.

The Damn Quails carry on the great Oklahoma tradition of songwriting that draws from countless genres and has produced many memorable songs, bands, singers, and moments.  They are proud to be part of such a rich musical heritage. They have taken their cue from their musical predecessors and forged their own and style that they loosely refer to Folk Rock. 

From the beginning Bryon and Gabe have had Thomas Young as their drummer.  Not only does he keep the beat, but he also serves as a very stabilizing character that provides a very solid foundation on which the guys have built their musical monuments.  Joining them playing a vast array of instruments is Kevin “Haystack” Foster.  Kevin is a brilliant musician and singer who adds a dimension to the show that is undeniable.  It seems like he has been there forever.  On bass you have a close friend of Kevin’s and a ball of positivity and energy known as Dillon Sampson.  Dillon and Kevin attended South Plains College in Texas where they studied music.  They are proud to bring their friendship and dedication to great playing to The Damn Quails.