Bareback Bar
19940 Kuykendahl Rd
Spring, Texas 77379
Venue Map

2018 Spring Texas Music Fest

Ticket Options:
VIP Ticket - $125

General Admission - $25 in Advance
Tickets at the Gate - $40
VIP Tickets include the following:
Access to the Private VIP Tent with Private Bar, 3 Free Drinks, Free food, Front access to the stage.

Artists performing this year:
Kevin Fowler
Deryl Dodd
Jason Cassidy
Scooter Brown Band
Jody Booth
Blacktop Mojo
Cory Green
Bart Woytek
Morgan McKay
Heather Rayleen
Daniel Holmes
Tickets no longer available.
From pubs to arenas, from dance halls to county fairs, the name Kevin Fowler always means a full house and cheering crowds. With his new CD Bring It On , Kevin delivers 100% Texan country with style. And if there's something different about Kevin, it's that inside his pearl-buttoned Western shirt beats a heart of rock. That's no surprise to his myriad of fans who know every word of his honky-tonk anthems such as Beer, Bait, and Ammo,The Lord Loves a Drinking Man and Loose, Loud and Crazy. In Bring It On 's new single, Long Line of Losers, Kevin pokes fun at what he calls that somebody in everyone's family who annoys them, the relative who gets too drunk at the family reunion. It's a way of laughing at yourself.

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