Save the Small Venues Fundraiser
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Show: 12:00 AM
Outhouse Tickets
1719 Angel Pkwy
Allen, Texas 75002
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Save the Small Venues Fundraiser

Summary:Buy a "ticket" to help keep small venues in business

More: Raising $2M to keep the small venues alive that bring you live music every week. Without these small to medium sized venues, we all have no place to go see live music at a reasonable price.

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Full Story: 

Who would have ever thought that a virus would have the potential to wipe out the live entertainment industry in a matter of weeks?!?! Well, unfortunately, it did. Hundreds of thousands of people employed by the live music industry have lost 100% of their income overnight.

It’s easy to understand that musicians, their roadies, the production crew, and everyone else who supports a live concert would be impacted. BUT, without small to medium sized venues, these great musicians, and all who support them, will have no place to perform and in turn, YOU will have no place to go listen to great live music!

THAT is why we are raising funds: to help the small to medium sized, locally owned venues, who have had to shut their doors during this economic shutdown to survive so that the owners of these venues will make it through the next few months and that YOU will have a place to go hear your favorite band in the future.

For the price of an inexpensive concert ticket, you can directly help the small venues that bring the joy of live music to our lives. Buy as many tickets as you like to make larger donations.

The owners of these venues have to pay rent and utilities, and keep their employees paid while there is ZERO money coming in the door from ticket sales as well as food and beverage sales.

Imagine if you had used your life savings to put a down payment on a building/venue to host live events and owe $15,000, or more, PER MONTH just to KEEP the building for the next few months while the corona virus runs its course and the government lets us all get back out. This is not to mention paying your employees who, desperately want to return to work. We are talking about $50,000 to $100,000 that the venue owners will have to pay out of their pocket JUST to keep the building from foreclosure. And this assumes that we pull out of this in the next few months. I personally know that I wouldn’t be able to afford losing $100k!

Outhouse Tickets is selling “tickets” to help Keep the Local Venues ALIVE!

All proceeds will be given to local venues in the most need. Through an application process, venues can apply for funding. A committee will review each request and prioritize which venues receive funding to ensure their continued survival.

Now, what can you do? Buy ticket! Scroll down a little further and buy a ticket or two! Then, share the link with as many people as you can on Facebook, Twitter, email, text, etc... Share this link with everyone you know regardless of if you think they would support the cause. You never know who might love live music and be able to support the future!

Even though $2M sounds like A LOT of money, and it is, it will only help save 40 small venues for the next few months. Let’s all hope and pray that this virus is contained soon and that the government lifts the ban on public gatherings.

After this is over, let’s all help to SELL OUT every live music event out there!

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