Mt. Vernon Theater

313 Barnett Blvd
Tallassee, Alabama 36078

Mt. Vernon Theater
Martha had her first date here. Sarah Ann had her first kiss. A former Chief Justice worked here as a teenager. Matthew managed the projector room where huge rolls of film spun so fast and for so long the whole room was hot. The Tallassee Mt. Vernon Theater proudly retains many fond memories from several generations ago, and after 50 years of rest she has opened her doors once again.

Throughout the years, many famous stars have appeared here, including Hank Williams. In fact, his original signature is on special display from when he appeared at the Mt. Vernon Theater back in the 1940’s.

Established in 1935, this wonderful old theater has just completed a major renovation. She proudly retains her original integrity, but now has many beautiful updated and added features. The stage has been expanded; seating capacity has been increased; a stairwell now leads to the balcony; a first-time heating and air conditioning system is in place; original bathrooms have been enlarged and new ones installed in the balcony; a new concession booth is in place; and a technical booth to operate all sound and lighting systems has been added. A large dressing room with a bathroom has been added adjacent to the stage and many other art deco period features and decorations are in place.

During intermissions, Mt. Vernon opens her doors to The Courtyard so that you can go out, walk around, and get some fresh air. The beautiful courtyard has large oak trees, a pergola, benches, tables and chairs, and a serene display of water trickling down a wall of individual tiles in memory of loved ones. Having a courtyard is an unusual compliment to a theater but will provide just the right atmosphere to go out and visit with family and friends.

This dramatically restored theater now serves as a cultural arts center for Tallassee and the surrounding River Region area.

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