Dustin Sonnier

Dustin Sonnier is destined to make it in the crazy world that is sometimes known as the music business. The Wanted as his band is known as "The Wanted" is comprised of some of South Louisiana’s finest musicians, and one from Texas. Some of my compadres in radio have made the observation that Dustin Sonnier has “IT”, to make it in the music business; another describes Dustin Sonnier as an “old soul.” I personally will never forget seeing this kid on stage turn me around and head me back into a packed club because I wanted to know who this kid was that was making a cameo on stage. Immediately I knew that if Dustin plays his cards right he will be somebody. Dustin Sonnier has an advantage that a lot of the singers on the circuit don’ t have at 23 he is the same age as the “party crowd,” yet he sings a lot older than he is. Dustin Sonnier has the opportunity to take things as they come, he is not afraid to take the bull by the horns and he always gives the crowd, a night to remember!! Eric C. White Radio Air Personality A variety band with a great selection of original music that leans towards Classic Country, Southern Rock, with a touch of Cajun and Zydeco thrown in that is sure to please any, and all taste in live music.