Services continually strives to be the most complete entertainment company in the industry. There are very few companies that can offer online ticket sales, hard ticket printing, and complete production in this industry. This is all done "in house". We are proud to say that we can take care of every aspect of your event for you. Below is a short list of the services we offer. If you have any questions, please contact We look forward to working with you.

Online Ticketing

All of the following features are done at NO charge to the venue.

We will set up a unique page specifically designed for your event. This page will show the following:

Date and Time of the event

Artist Performing

Artist Page giving an artist bio as well as play one of their popular songs.

Map to the Location.

Logo for event as well as sponsors logo.

Ability to shut off tickets at a desired time or number of tickets sold.

Ability to have as many different ticket types as you desire....Example--"Under 21", "21 and Up", "Child"...etc..etc

Ability to log into your event and track sales as needed.

Customers print out tickets using their own printer. Each ticket has a unique scanable barcode to eliminate duplication.

Scanners provided as needed.

Help promote the event for you.

Provide you with a complete email list of your customers.

Reserved seating is also available. Customers can pick the specific seat, section, or row they wish to sit in. They also have the option of "Best Available". 50 reserved seats or 50, venue is too small or large. Any type of seating arrangement can be accommodated.

Mobile Ticketing

With our new Mobile Ticket feature, we utilize the newest technology available. Customers can simply log into their account from any "Smart Phone" (iPhone, Droid, etc..) and purchase their tickets. The bar code can be scanned right off of the phone. No need to print out a ticket.

Hard Ticket Printing provides your complete online ticketing services as well as "hard ticket" printing services. All of our hard tickets are printed with bar codes that enable them to be scanned at the gate as well. We print all tickets in our own printing facility.


After years of working with management teams as well as directly with the artist, we can provide you with complete production services for your event. One thing you will realize is that there are no hidden fees with our services. We will provide you with a copy of each contract negotiated for every aspect of your event. Artist contracts can be very lengthy as well as difficult to understand. We will sit down and go over every detail of the contract with you. We take the headache and worries out of your event. Our staff will be at the event to ensure things run smoothly so that you can sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

We will also work within your budget. We sit down and go over the artist(s) you are interested in as well as your expectations for the event. We continually give you details on how things are moving for the event.