About Us
Outhouse Tickets started with the idea to make obtaining a concert ticket available to any event no matter the size of the venue. There were a few companies that offered online tickets to smaller venues, but the “convenience fee” was larger than the actual ticket price. We set out to create a site that that offered customer's the ability to purchase tickets to any size event from home or by phone with a few simple clicks.
By receiving tickets through outhousetickets.com, you guarantee your entry to the event. With an attention to ease of use and web site security our priority, we created Outhouse Tickets.

We started out in Texas taking care of ticketing to smaller clubs and outdoor events. Over the past 10 years, just as “Texas” music has grown all over the U.S., so have we. We service venues and events that range in size from a 5 seats to 50,000 seats or more with custom seating charts available, along with the ability to sell by the table, by section, by row or simple general admission. We work closely with every venue to ensure that specific needs are addressed on a personal level.

Our team continues to make improvements to the site on a daily basis. We now have the ability offer any type of ticket that any venue could need. From the “General Admission” ticket to reserved seating, no event is too small or too large. We can take care of reserved seating up to 100,000 seats allowing people to select the exact seat they wish to purchase, or just select “best available”. No matter the size of the venue or event, we can accommodate your ticketing needs.

From concerts to rodeos to festivals and small corporate events: if you need to sell a ticket, Outhouse Tickets will sell it for you online.

Customers are our priority. We keep our convenience fees lower than any other company in the industry. We never charge the venue or the promoter of the event for using our services.
We are currently working with clubs, arenas, rodeos, charity benefits, theaters, outdoor events, atv rides, country concerts, rock concerts, folk concerts…and many more.