Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger began in the early 1980's in a living room in East Texas with Shayne Morrison & Richard Raines coming right out of high school. They formed what would become one of the hottest roadbands in the Texas Oklahoma Louisiana region. With the addition of lead singer Steve Murray, Perfect Stranger was on its way into the honkytonk hall of fame.

In 1992, Perfect Stranger soon saw their first trip to the recording studio & began tracking their first album in Nashville, TN. The groups first album was recorded & released by Pacific Records. By December 1994, Pacific Records had made the decision to release a single written by Vince Gill & Kostas titled "Ridin' The Rodeo." With some success being given to the single from markets all across the country, the next step was to shoot a video. Amazingly enough C.M.T. picked up the video immediately, along with Club Dance, The Wild horse Saloon Show & video outlets from all across the country. Along with many of these debuts came a request to appear on Music City Tonight hosted by Crook & Chase.

By Mid February 1995 came the second release by Pacific Records to country radio called "You Have The Right To Remain Silent". It immediately received adds in major markets like KBFO Kansas City, KYGO Denver. KKBQ Houston and later went on to pickup adds within the first weeks on WESC Greenville. S.C.. WIVK Knoxville, & WXTU Philadelphia. The single soon jumped on the Billboard charts. With this caliber of radio stations adding this independent single, it fueled the fire for several major record labels to begin calling and soloing the group to sign a record deal. In the meantime album sales were taking off in Kansas City & Denver., while in Houston, Texas, the group was savoring sales of the #1 selling album in the market.

CURB Records made the final offer in April '95. Within four days after signing with the label, CURB had the group in the studio recording two additional songs, shooting a video, new photo shoot & picked up promotion of the existing single. "You Have The Right was on the Billboard Charts under the Pacific Label approximately 6 - 7 weeks and continued under the CURB Label for another 26 weeks finally peaking in the top of all the major charts. NOTE: (No other countrv artist to date has released an independent single and signed to a major label with the label picking up promotion on an existing single.

The after effects of "You Have The Right To Remain Silent" were continually felt over the course of the following year with single sales remaining in the Top 20. The groups followup singles "I'm A Stranger Here Myself' & Remember The Ride" both continued to sell in the Top 40 single sales charts landing PERFECT STRANGER three singles on the CountrySingles Sales charts all at the same time. With the groups debut album reaching the Top 10 in sales nationally. All totaled with commercial singles & album sales have generated sales in excess of 700,000 pieces of product.