Phil Hamilton

Phil Hamilton’s conviction to the essence of Texas Country Music inspired him to put together The Backroad Drifters and set his sights on the top. No gimmicks, no ploys, they let work ethic and artistry be the drivers of their success. Unique, but still planted in the foundation and core of Texas Country Music, Phil Hamilton and the Backroad Drifters have broad appeal. Heavy guitar riffs lure the rockers and the genuine ballads entice the soft at heart. Every measure is right in the middle of the Red Dirt wheelhouse. Drawing from their own real life experiences, Phil Hamilton and the Backroad Drifters pen songs with authentic lyrics. Their talent and commitment as song writers allows them to turn out a steady thread of dynamic songs. These songs keep the Phil Hamilton fans captivated. In a very short time Phil Hamilton and the Backroad Drifters were getting noticed. They were selected to the top 3 new Texas Country bands in DFW as voted by 95.9 The Ranch listeners. This selection gave them the opportunity to play at the Fort Worth 4th of July Fest, "Rock the Fourth", sponsored by 95.9 The Ranch. They were chosen to headline Rednecks & Red Dirt 2009 in St Francis, KS. Rednecks & Red Dirt features new up and coming acts in “Red Dirt” music and is one of the biggest music festivals in Kansas. They have been asked to return to headline Rednecks & Red Dirt 2010.